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      As a continuing project for the cause of the abandoned elderly people at Haven for the Elderly, the Greenhouse Project has been inaugurated early this 2015. It is a gift of sustenance to the elderly people of the haven, serving as a seed bank of organic food for consumption and income generation. Because finishing is as important as starting, Barangay Cherry Mobile is just as excited at its completion as it was at the onset of the project.

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      The Greenhouse Project was conceived in September 2014 when employee volunteers and Cherry Mobile scholars visited Haven for the Elderly. The project progressed and the groundbreaking took place in December 2014 as one of Cherry Mobile’s 12 Gifts of Christmas. Developments of the construction as carried over by I Care for my City Foundation (ICCF) have been documented over the succeeding weeks. Finally, the inauguration took place in March 2015.

      Haven for the Elderly center head Ricky Bunao shared his opening remarks at the inauguration while one of the haven’s social workers presented the organic farming milestones and the financial report on the greenhouse project. ICCF were also present for the turn over and ribbon cutting ceremony.

      This project highlights Barangay Cherry Mobile’s thrust for sustainable projects that benefit a deserving community. Over one time giving and a few hours of volunteer support, Barangay Cherry Mobile prefers to truly address the need of an indigent community. By letting the community define their problem and involving themselves in the solution, Barangay Cherry Mobile empowers the people. This is the essence of the tagline, “Changing the country, one community at a time.”