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      Education is the main thrust of the company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative. As of mid-2015, it served about 25,000 underprivileged kids from elementary to tertiary level from hundreds of public and private schools nationwide. Barangay Cherry Mobile made possible the establishment of educational facilities, provision of school supplies, equipment, sponsorship of teachers’ training, provision of scholarship grants, facilitation of youth’s trainings/seminars and the like.


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      Barangay Cherry Mobile donated classrooms and educational materials to Yolanda survivors in Dulag, Leyte, through AGAPP Foundation, a chosen charity organization of former brand ambassador, Ms. Kris Aquino.

      Access to quality education is a basic right of every Filipino child. This truth motivates the company’s CSR to continually share its resources to the neediest kids in the country. The aim is in due time, these kids will eventually get out from the vicious cycle of poverty, finish their studies, land a better job or establish their own businesses, and contribute to the economic and social development of the country.

      In the near future, Barangay Cherry Mobile hopes to build more classrooms and implement education-related programs and services for the most deserving communities as its humble contribution to uplift the impoverished nation.

      When one changes the campus, he changes the whole nation. The importance of harnessing the melting pot of future leaders of this nation is what drives Barangay Cherry Mobile to keep on investing in the lives of these school kids. The future of the nation lies in the hands of these pupils, and there is nothing as fragile and as powerful at the same time as this “safety deposit” for a better future.