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      • Assembling and Disassembling of Cell Phones.
      • Soldering and desoldering of components.
      • Trouble Shooting of Cell Phone.
      • Attend to damaged or faulty phones brought in by customers..
      • Diagnoses and repairs the phones.
      • Handles computer set up and trouble shooting.
      • Repair detective items according to working instructions.
      • Check items returned within the number of days policy.
      • Sends and receives items to be repaired from/to supplier.


      • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor Degree of any course/Associate Degree or Diploma in Electronics.
      • Proficient in computer skills and have knowledge of operating different types of mobile phones.
      • With strong reading abilities.
      • Can start immediately.
      • TESDA graduates are welcome to apply.
      • Full time positions available.

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