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      This October, Barangay Cherry Mobile participated in the nationwide celebration of the Children’s Month – but not with the usual bunch of kids we see on a day-to-day basis. To make the celebration more than ordinary, Barangay Cherry Mobile reached to sectors that need special attention but share only rare moments in the limelight.


      Children with special needs are blessed to have parents and guardians who look after them. But with all the limiting factors and the hurdles of this huge responsibility, they can only do so much. To help meet the needs of these children, Cherry Mobile, through its Cherry Hears Barangay Caravan project, initiated to offer free ear checkups, hearing tests, and psychological and speech assessments with the help of Philippine Institute for the Deaf (PID), Philiear Inc, and the City Government of Malabon.

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      The results from these tests will help these children gain access to health care assistance such as discounted medicines with the use of validated IDs for people with disability (PWD). Children found to have a problem with hearing were also referred to further in-depth hearing tests and agencies offering free hearing aids depending on their condition.


      While special children are fortunate to have parents and guardians looking after them, children whose parents are imprisoned lack the parental care and affection they need to have a rich childhood – all the more for kids whose mothers were sent to jail. Advocating the right of children to love and care, Cherry Mobile conducted a gift giving activity wherein imprisoned mothers in Correctional Institute for Women were given opportunity to bond with their children.

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      In coordination with Ina-inakay Center, Inc. that caters to imprisoned mothers, 150 children were brought in to the venue to spend time with their mothers by means of spending quality time together through pep talks, playing fun games, presentations, gift giving, and distribution of school kits.

      Children are indeed important in every society and in nation building. They are the hope for our future – every one of them. For this reason, we take to heart to reach out not just the cute and adorable kids we often see around, but also those who experience adverse circumstances in life. Left out and persecuted for being differently abled, confused and longing for love, these children are the ones who need genuine care – and we are out to help them and to promote their physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual, and social well-being.